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Dysmas, The Twilight Gnome
Dysmas, The Twilight Gnome
Dysmas, The Twilight Gnome
Dysmas, The Twilight Gnome

Dysmas, The Twilight Gnome

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Dysmas welcomes and honors the moon and stars to the night sky.  The forest ruled by night is sacred to all Gnomes, for this is when magic is the most powerful.  Night-time guardians include owls, fox, hedgehogs, skunks, raccoons, moths, and bats.  They watch over the land and diligently do their work by the light of the moon. 

Tonight, the Gnomes within the Enchanted Garden and Nearby Forest celebrate.  They have gathered from near and far to start a new community in the Enchanted Garden and Nearby Forest. 

Dymas’ cap is hand-painted to represent the cosmos and is bejeweled with a portrait of the moon and stars painted on silk with Swarovski crystals placed to signify the current alignment of the most significant stars.  His coat is adorned with a silk cloud, hand-painted with silver and gold acrylic paint.  He wears this cap and cloak only for the most special night-time occasions.

Dysmas one of the ten hand-felted gnomes in our 2019 collection "The Enchanted Garden" and available only for a limited time.

All gnomes stand approximately 5.5 inches from the tip of their cap to the tips of their toes.